Cat Behaviour Mornings in Surrey

I’ve just found out about two cat behaviour lectures coming up in Woking, Surrey on 20 Feb and 10 April with Amber Batson.

Details of the behaviour lectures can be found here.

We’ve run cat behaviour evenings in the past and had to turn people away because they were so popular. I don’t know Ms Batson personally but I’m sure the lectures will be of interest to cat lovers.

As with humans, stress is the underlying cause of many medical ailments but soiling, scratching and other “human” problems (I say “human” problems because they are not a problem for cats – but rather a natural response to being placed in an unnatural environment) can often be explained by stress. Usually such stress is a result of innocent actions by humans who don’t understand makes their cats tick. For instance, did you know…

  • In the wild cats hunt up to 20 times a day, so it is important to provide mental stimulus with the right kind of toys. Toys such as laser pointers that don’t provide closure emulating a “kill” can cause stress.
  • Cats are territorial and need their own place in the house, and need elevated positions that they can jump up on to watch out for predators to feel safe.
  • Cats never eat and toilet in the same place in the wild. They also feel vulnerable to predators when they are toileting so should have a choice of litter trays placed away from food.
  • The knowledge that another cat comes into the backyard can be a source of stress for indoor cats, even if they don’t come into direct contact.

Although I don’t personally know Ms Batson I’m sure the lectures will be of interest to cat owners.