VIDEO BLOG Part 4 of 4: Feline Wellness from Kitten to Cat

Denise Morris, Head Nurse at Kitten to Cat gave an informative and entertaining talk recently at the London Pet Show in Kensington.  For those who missed it here are some clips from the talk.  Sorry about the amateur camera work! In case you can’t see the video the key points are summarised below.

Part 4: Stress Free Visits to the Vets

A trip to the vets is often the most stressful parts of a cat’s life.  But it doesn’t need to be.

Kitten to Cat is a cat only veterinary clinic that was specially designed to reduce stress for cats.  Less stressed patients mean problems are detected earlier, your kitty recovers better from operations and it is just a more enjoyable experience for everyone.  To make the environment as cat friendly as possible we use longer consult times to give your kitty time to adjust and leave her carrier on her own terms, feline pheromones, larger cages with shelves and places to hide and other techniques developed by our cat loving staff.  Of course the main stress factor at vets is the sight and smell of dogs, and at Kitten to Cat this is not an issue.

If you can’t make it to a cat only vets then there are still plenty of things to reduce your kitty’s stress levels.  These include:

  • Leave the carrier down in the room overnight, or ideally permanently so it is a familiar piece of furniture from the home and not mistaken for a scary torture box that comes out once a year.
  • Use a top loader cat carrier.  At the start of the consult place the carrier on the floor and see if your cat comes out on her own.  If not then open the top of the carrier to make extraction easier.
  • Use Feliway(TM) spray in the carrier and in your car 15 mins before leaving.
  • Ask your vets about cat only appointment times, and if they don’t do these then at least get the first appointment time so there is less chance of them running late and your kitty being stuck in the waiting room with barking dogs.

I hope you enjoyed these videos.  Feel free to call or email us if you ever have any questions about your cat’s health or reducing stress.

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