Mother Cat Hugs Her Kitten

This is too cute

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UK Referendum Explained for Cats

Finally!!! an explanation of the proposed voting changes that makes sense.  Very funny.

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Cats Quote Charlie Sheen

OK, so I think what is going on with Charlie Sheen is very sad and he clearly has problems … however … I couldn’t help but smile at these:

From The Original Cat’s Quote Charlie Sheen

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Songs for the Kitty Cats

One of the most common questions we here at the clinic is “do you have a play list of songs about cats?”

OK, so no-one has ever asked. 

But regardless here is the Kitty Cat Spotify play list

If you do’t have Spotify, the songs are:

albumcovers2     1. Stray Cat Strut by Stray Cats 

     2. Cats in the Cradle (performed by Johnny Cash)

     3. Honky Cat by Elton John

     4. Cool Cat by Queen

     5. Mean Eyed Cat by Johnny Cash

     6. What’s New Pussy Cat by Tom Jones

     7. Kitten and the Cats by the Blinky Moon Boys

     8. Kitty Kat by Beyonce

     9. Lovecats by the Cure (Muzak version because the Cure’s not on Spotify)

     10. Cool for Cats by Squeeze

     11. Stray Cat Blues by Johnny Winter

     12. The Cat Came Back performed by Trout Fishing in America

     13. Like a Cat by Cyndie Lauper

     14. Cat Scratch Fever by Ted Nugent

     15. Stray Cat Blues performed by Rolling Stones

     16. Cat’s in the Well by Bob Dylan

     17. Look What the Cat Dragged In by Poison

     18. Cat People by David Bowie

     19. Kitty by Presidents of the United States

     20. Cleopatra’s Cat by Spin Doctors

     21. The Cat by Jimmy Smith

     22. The Cat Crept In by Mud

     23. Three Cool Cats by The Coasters

     24. The Ballad of Daykitty by Lou Barlow

     25. Delilah by Queen

In order to to keep the blog accessible to those with parental controls set, I’ve had to exclude some of the kitty gansta rap.  Sorry. Who would have thought there were so many kitty songs??

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This is the first post on our new blog. The plan is for vets and nurses at Kitten to Cat to write occasionally on the following topics:

  • Cat Health – The serious business of educating cat owners and pet professionals about things like cat behaviour, breeding, kitten care, nutrition, senior cats etc.
  • Kitten to Cat – Stories about life at London’s only cat vets.
  • Meow mix – Like a fur ball on your nice leather sofa, we will take all the feline fluff from the Internet and regurgitate it here for (admittedly mostly our own) amusement.
  • Reviews – Our take on various cat products, services and local businesses of interest to cat lovers.

Hopefully you’ll find some of it interesting.  Please be generous with your comments, questions and suggestions for improvement.

Purrrs from Kitten to Cat


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